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"I did not take this picture" 
                            Robert Barab

Robert Barab

Fine Art


Robert passed away on February 27, 2011

I use my viewfinder as a means of composing a tapestry of light and shadow, color, line and shape. My work explores relationships.

Images are photographed with Hasselblad medium format cameras and lenses on Fuji Velvia film. A Gitzo carbon fiber tripod is used for all photographs. The images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper (longevity of 70 years).

Limited edition prints, all sizes are one edition. Photographs are double matted with archival mat board.

Initially, I traveled and took pictures to record my experiences.  Now, I travel to photograph. In recent years, I've explored New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, France, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, Portugal, Nepal, India, Ireland, Myanmar, Belgium, Holland, Guatemala and Prague, Czech Republic. I attempt to capture a fleeting moment of beauty, which I see in my mind's eye, then translate it into an enduring image. My fortune cookie said: “you make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world.”

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